Any opacification of the crystalline human lens or its capsule is called Cataract.


Causes of Cataract

  1. Developmental due to Maternal malnutrition or infections.
  2. Acquired:
    • Senile – due to ageing.
    • Deficiency of vitamins and amino acids.
    • Administration of toxic chemical.
    • Hypocalcaemia (persistently low calcium level).
    • Systemic conditions like Diabetes mellitus.
    • Trauma/Injury.
    • Radiation.

Symptoms of Cataract

  • Gradual dimness of vision.
  • Necessity of frequent change of glasses.
  • Fogginess of vision.
  • Seeing of spots before the eyes.
  • Diplopia (Double picture) of vision.
  • In late stages pain, redness, watering and headache.

Diagnosis of Cataract You have to first consult your eye specialist to confirm the diagnosis for which you have to take the following tests.

  • Vision testing.
  • Slit lamp examination to visualize the eye chambers.
  • Examination of the eye with an ophthalmoscope.
  • Tonometry to record intra ocular pressure.
  • Systemic examination to find out any cause.

Treatment of Cataract No medical treatment by drugs or otherwise has been shown to have any significant effect in inducing the disappearance of Cataract.