Unborn Child & Labor

Profile of an Unborn Child

Five Week OldFive Week Old Fetus A five week old fetus. The baby is about 1/2 inch long, and his heart has been beating for about a week The black circle is the eye and just below is his hand. His neural tube (later known as the spinal cord) begins to fuse. From now on his nervous system and heart develops. In the next 2 weeks his oral and nasal cavities will form.

eight Week Old FetusEight to Ten Week Old  An eight to ten week old fetus, now longer than an inch with a heartbeat that can be heard for the first time with the help of a Doppler. His muscles are already starting to exercise a little. And his sleepy looking eyelids seem to be falling into a peaceful sleep.

Fourteen Week Oldweek14 A fourteen week old fetus. By now he’s grown to 4 inches and weighs an ounce. Facial features become more refined and he’s growing hair. You will soon be able to determine the sex of the child.

week16Sixteen to Eighteen Week Old

A sixteen to eighteen week old fetus. At this point, he is between four to six inches long and weighs between three to four ounces. His face is much more detailed as are his hands. His head is quite large compared to the rest of his body, specially his eyes. You can now see the details on his face.

Twenty Week Oldweek 20 A twenty week old fetus. He is nearly ten to eleven inches long now and weighs about 10.6 ounces. That soft, downy hair (lanugo) that he started to grow earlier now covers his entire body, although his skin is still pinkish and translucent. He will be able to hear his mother’s stomach and heartbeat in a couple of weeks, and may even blink and become startled if he hears a loud noise.

week26Twenty-Six Week OldTwenty–Six Week Old Fetus A twenty–Six week old fetus now weighing about one pound now and even be viable outside of the womb. The second trimester is coming to a close. His lungs start to make surfactant which helps to keep the lung tissues from sticking together. He is even engaging in such activities as sleeping, turning, sucking, and kicking.

Thirty Week Old Fetusweek30 A thirty–week old fetus. At this point, he is nearly fifteen inches long and weighs about 3.1 pounds. Only ten short weeks and it’ll be time to move out. His face and body are just about fully developed, and now he is working on strengthening his organs. Even his brain is beginning to develop faster than ever. He is even becoming familiar with voices he hears often. And now you know that the baby’s a ‘he’.

Thirty–two to Forty Weeks Old Fetus A picture taken later than thirty to thirty–two weeks would be difficult to see clearly being as the baby takes up the entire womb at this point. He weighs about 3.85 pounds and is 15.7 inches long, but by the time he is term (forty weeks), he will weigh an average of 7.1 pounds and be about 19.7 inches in length. But from now to the time of birth, the baby is busy hiccupping, responding to outside stimuli, directing body functions, developing sleeping patterns, rolling, and maybe even occasionally giving a swift kick to the ribs.