Physiotherapy for Children

Children with motor disorders will benefit from assessment, treatment and/or consultation with a pediatric physiotherapist. Pediatric physiotherapists are specialized in the treatment of children. They have an in–depth understanding of what is supposed to be the normal development of the child, as well as the child’s anatomy, physiology and neurological framework, which they are often called upon to apply to pediatrics. They are therefore able to recognize motor difficulties at a very early age (as early as two to four months). The physiotherapists assess children regarding their range of motion, muscle strength, gross motor function and quality of movement. Difficulty in any of these areas may be a result of a motor disorder, and this in turn, hinders the child’s ability to explore his/her environment. The ultimate goal of therapy is the facilitation of optimal, functional movement. With movement, the child can explore his/her immediate environment more easily and learn by it. It is important that all children who have a movement disorder, or are at a risk to develop such difficulties be screened as early as

possible by a pediatric physiotherapist. Although intervention is available at any age, the earlier this begins, the better it is for the child, as then the child could begin to achieve optimal, functional movement and overcome any difficulties he/she may be faced with.