What are the symptoms of a heart attack? a.  Chest discomfort, mild pain b.  Coughing c.  Crushing chest pain d.  Dizziness e.  Dyspnea (shortness of breath) f.   Face seems gray g.  A feeling of terror that your life is coming to its end h.  Feeling really awful (general feeling) i.   Nausea j.   Restlessness k.  The person is clammy and sweaty l.   Vomiting   If you experience these symptoms, or witness another person with them, call the emergency services immediately. In the United Kingdom the telephone number is 999, in the USA and Canada it is 911, Australia 000, and New Zealand 111. Many cell phones’ emergency number is 112.   The pain does not feel any better if the patient changes position, rests, or lies down. Often it is a constant pain, but it can come and go. Patients describe the pain as one of pressure, something squeezing. The pain can last from a few minutes to many hours.   People with diabetes, and/or those over the age of 75 may experience a “silent heart attack”. This is one that occurs with no pain at all.   Studies indicate that about one fifth of mild heart attacks are not diagnosed. If this is the case, there are many people who are suffering progressive heart muscle damage because it is not being treated.