Treatment of Blindness

  • Cleaning of the eyes.
  • Antibiotic drops like chloramphenicol.
  • Use of dark goggles.
  • Medical line of treatment – eye drops & tablets.
  • Surgical.
Laser treatment Corneal Ulcer
  • Use of eye drops. It is depend upon type of ulcer.
  • Use of dark goggles.
  • Cleaning of eyes.
  • Rest to the eyes by mydriatics.
Iritis Local Steroid eye drops and ointments, cycloplegics, systemic steroids, ocular anti–hypertensive drugs. Cataract Surgery (IOL). Refractive Errors Providing spectacles. Trachoma Tetracycline/Erythromycin eye ointment. Retinopathy Treatment of complication, control of diabetes & hypertension. Squint Surgery, correction of refraction. Night Blindness Treatment with Vitamin A. Corneal Opacity Surgery (Keratoplasty)