Signs and Symptoms

Conjunctivitis Redness, watering, discharge, stickiness of lids, irritation. Glaucoma Headache, Blood/cloudy vision, pain in eyes, frequent change of glasses, colored haloes around light, Painless gradual loss of field vision. Corneal Ulcer Pain, watering, foreign body sensation, discharge, lid edema, dimness of vision, redness. Iritis Redness, discomfort of eyes, dimness of vision, pain in eyes. Cataract dimness of vision. Refractive Errors dimness of vision, difficulty in reading, headache. Trachoma Watering of eyes, itching, discharge, redness, photophobia. Retinopathy dimness of vision/retinal changes, sudden loss of vision. Squint dimness of vision, diplopia, deviation of eyes, eye strain. Night Blindness Night Blindness, Bitot spots, dry conjunctivia, corneal ulcer. Corneal Opacity Loss of vision, white scar on cornea.