Who is Commonly Affected ?

Conjunctivitis Any age group, Usually occurs in yound patients less than 20 years of age. Glaucoma a) At any age, generally between 35 & 40 and above 40, b) Familiar history of Glaucoma, c) Diabetic patients Corneal Ulcer Any age Iritis Common in young & middle age group Cataract Senile Cataract is usually found in elderly person. Congenital cataract is found since birth. Traumatic cataract is found in any age. Developmental cataract is found in young age group Refractive Errors In childhood (school going age group) usually myopia is more common, hypermetropia & presbiopia is common in middle age group. Trachoma It usually occur in child age group, both sexes are affected, common in the dry and hot region . Usually in low socio-economic group with bad hygiene. Retinopathy It is common after age of 40. Commonly seen in diabetic, hypertensive Squint Commonly occurs in childhood & young age group. Night Blindness Any age group, more commonly in children. Corneal Opacity Any age group