Introduction to Blindness

Conjunctivitis It is inflammation of the conjunctival tissue. Glaucoma It is due to raised intraocular pressure damaging the optic nerve head, causing defect in visual field. Corneal Ulcer It is ulcer of the cornea. Types of ulcer – Bacterial, Fungal, Viral. Iritis It is inflammation of iris. Types of iritis are acute, recurrent & chronic.

Cataract It is the condition when lens of the eye looses its transparency and becomes opacified. Hence light can not pass through the lense in required level.

Refractive Errors Normally light rays coming from an object fall on retina to form a image. If rays coming from object either fall in front or back of retina it is called as refractive error.

Types a) Hypermetropia b) Myopia c) Astigmatism d) Presbiopia Trachoma It is a chronic contagious disease caused by chlamydia group of viruses. Retinopathy It is inflammation of retinal blood vessels. In these cases exudates & hemorrhages are seen in retina. Squint It is abnormal condition when one eye fixes at the object and the other eye turns in different direction. Night Blindness It is a condition where Patient is getting difficulty to see in the night. Corneal Opacity It is a condition where corneal transparency is lost. It complete or partial.