Kinds of Allergies

Various people report allergies ranging in a wide category from intolerance to dust, pollen to specific drugs. Here, we list a few of the common kinds of allergies. Pruritus Causes Localized Itching: Skin irritation from insect bites and stings, chemical irritants, hives, parasites (lice. pinworms) Allergic Rhinitis Exposure to pollen, mold, dust and animal dander are some of the common environmental allergens. Allergy to environmental particles is a type of allergic rhinitis (Hay Fever) Food Allergies Food allergies are often misunderstood. There is a great deal of general confusion about them, and they constitute a controversial area within the allergy field of medicine Drug Allergies Some drugs (polymyxin, morphine, X–ray dye, and others) may cause an anaphylactoid reaction (anaphylactic–like reaction) on the first exposure. Anaphylactoid reaction is usually from a toxic or idiosyncratic reaction rather than the “Immune system” mechanism that occurs with “True” anaphylaxis