Causative Factors & Transmission

Host Factors Amoebiasis may occur at any age. There is no sex or racial difference in the occurrence of the disease. Amoebiasis is frequently a household infection. When an individual in a family is infected, others in the family also get infected.

Environmental Factors Amoebiasis is more closely related to poor sanitation and socio–economic status than to climate.

Mode of Transmission for Amebiasis Fecal–Oral Route This may readily take place through the intake of contaminated water or food. Epidemic water borne infections can occur if there is heavy contamination of drinking water supply. Vegetables, especially those eaten raw, from fields irrigated with sewage polluted water can readily convey infection.

Sexual Transmission Oral–rectal contact is also recognized, especially among male homosexuals. Vectors Such as flies, cockroaches and rodents are capable of carrying cysts and contaminating food and drink. Incubation Period About two to four weeks or longer.