What is Sprain? Any abrupt overstretching or pull that is brought to bear on any muscle without its prior warming up is known as a sprain or strain. It is usually felt in one’s lower back where the muscles are large and get pulled often. These muscles could become sore when they get tense and cramped resulting in spasms. Very often, sprains cause an injury to the ligaments that surround a joint. The ligaments hold the joint in position, but may be stretched or torn. Sprains most often occur in the ankle, knee, finger, wrist, shoulder or spine. Typical Pain and Findings Low back pain from a sprain or muscle strain is in a broad area of the back and you could feel it on either side, often accompanied with painful muscular spasms. The pain is usually aggravated by any kind of activities and bed rest becomes an absolute necessity for a short period of time – say about one to three days. The pain normally lasts up to 10 days and doesn’t involve either leg. You are unlikely to feel any weakness in your legs. Your movements are likely to be restricted by pain though. You’d be “Bent over” and unable to maintain a normal posture. Any activity would become impossible, including sitting, standing, walking or driving.