Causes & Risks of Headache

What are the causes and risks of headaches?

Many things cause headaches. Vascular headaches are of the migraine type and can be either classic or common. Vascular headaches include cluster headaches (Severe, one–sided headaches that occur in groups) and headaches associated with hangovers or exposure to toxins and other drugs.

Tension headaches are caused by stress, conversion reactions (Psychological problem causing symptoms that resemble an actual physical condition) orarthritis, abnormalities in the neck, muscles or bones.

Inflammatory headaches are caused by lesions such as tumors, meningitis (Infection or inflammation of tissue covering the brain and spinal cord), bleeding within the head, auto–immune diseases (Diseases in which the body produces chemicals that attack itself), or arteritis (Inflammation of the wall of an artery). Cranial neuralgias (Severe pains in or about the face or scalp) are caused by trigeminal (Nerve sensing feelings in the face, cheek and jaw) or glossopharyngeal (Nerve controlling the throat and vocal cords) nerve abnormalities. Most people have experienced some type of headache in their lives.