Preventive Measures for Diarrhea

Immunization, using latrines, keeping food uninfected, drinking pure water and maintaining personal hygiene are all essential to avoid diarrhea.

The main means of spread is by the infection of water or food which we consume. Hence, to prevent it we must keep the food uncontaminated. The germs enter the GIT (Gastrointestinal Tract) through the mouth and cause the infection.

The simplest and easiest ways to avoid diarrhea are
  • Use the cleanest water available for drinking or else boiled water is the next best thing.
  • Cover food and drinking water to protect it from germs.
  • Bury or burn all refuse to stop flies spreading disease. Always use latrines to dispose of feces.
  • Wash hands with soap and water immediately after using the latrine and before preparing or eating food.
  • If possible, food should be thoroughly cooked, and prepared just before eating. It should not be left standing, or it will collect germs.
There is no vaccine to prevent common diarrhea.