Prevention and Treatment of Backaches & Stress


Lower back pain can get worse if the individual does not take any measures to prevent further occurrences. Specific exercises to strengthen and stretch supporting back muscles, weight loss if necessary, techniques for proper lifting and sleeping and body mechanics are preventive measures that should be discussed with a health care provider.

Treatment Treatment includes immediate medical attention if the symptoms are suggestive of a serious condition. For most, bed rest is not needed and may actually worsen the condition.

Consultation with a doctor should include education on how to prevent further injury and decrease stress to the lower back. Low–stress stretching and moderate exercise is helpful to relieve backaches caused by stress. During the first 24 hours of the injury, cold compresses for 20 to 30 minutes several times a day are helpful.

After the first day, application of heat for 20 to 30 minutes several times a day may alleviate the discomfort.